Welcome to the R-H Digital Learning Day Workshops and Registration Page.  

Until April 9: You will be able to view the workshops that are available and begin to plan your day. 

On April 10: Registration will open. Look for an email invitation to create a log-in and register for sessions.  Once logged in, users can select sessions.  Session space is limited.  Please lock in your reservations early!  Registration closes April 17!   

If you need additional support signing up, please watch this video or see your Library Media Specialist or your Technology Teaching Assistant. 


Please note: 

All attendees will attend the keynote addresses, and will be assigned a lunch time.  Each attendee must make choices for all other sessions.  

Afternoon sessions have staggered start times.  Early lunch and other accommodations will be made for elementary school staff who choose the 90 minute sessions.  Attendees who choose a 45 minute afternoon session will have additional time in Poster Sessions and other interactive activities.


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